Recorded Samples

Being able to listen to music on the Internet is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, the sound quality is not as good as everyone would like it to be, due to the limitations of MIDI.

So I've provided an MP3 file that has a brief sample of each recorded song, which you may download for a test drive or listen to here online.

The order of the songs are: "A Baby's Lullaby", "Angel Song", "Abby's Song", "Love's Intentions", "Quiet Desolation", "Tranquil Serenity" and "Spirit of America", and are available for purchase on my sampler CD. I will also be making arrangements soon to offer these songs for purchase as MP3 files.

To play the sample, just do a left-click on the link below. To download, please do a right-click on the link and then do a "Save As".



Quiet Cove Music Samples



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